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Reach Your Goal
                       with  Gitty

What is coaching about?



I believe it is all about your mindset.  We will discover together what are the thoughts that are holding you back and start creating the right thoughts to help move you forward.   We can slowly change our thoughts and make those thoughts our new truths.  Yes -  we can make conscious thoughts!

Fear and Obstacles

Fear and obstacles will come up - they always do.  We can work through them and not let it stop us from reaching our goals.  There is no such thing as failure - it is a learning experience - look at it as feedback.  We can learn from it and grow better from it.

Be the Person You Want to Be

Who do you want to be in the future - how does that person think and act.  You can start becoming that person now.  I want you to enjoy the process of getting to your goal - not be miserable doing it.  You will be more likely to continue the process if you are happy. 


We will create a plan of action that is doable that will keep you moving ahead and reaching your goal.  It is possible!  If you want change in your life- whether is is to get your raise or promotion,  have better relationships,  start or improve your business, lose me and let us begin the journey together. 

About Me
About me

Hi I'm Gitty Schorr, founder of Reach Your Goal coaching.  Let me tell you about myself.  I worked in high tech  for many years but most of the time it was just me sitting in front of my computer and I really wanted to work with people.  Friends have always been coming to me to talk about issues they were having- they always said that I was a great listener and asked great questions to get them thinking.  It seemed like the obvious choice for me to became a life coach.  I am so happy I did it - it has been so gratifying  to help people move forward and become the people they want to be.  You are the most amazing person and are capable of doing wonderful things.  Even if you have tried to reach your goal before but not been successful I think we should talk.  You don't have to work harder - you need to work smarter.

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